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What is Oort-Cloud?

...authors create and distribute their work, and readers, individually and collectively, including fans as well as editors and peers, review, comment, rank, and tag, everything.
-- from Social Publishing

Oort-Cloud is a place that gives us a chance to present some fundamental ideas, get feedback about them from other people, and comment on events and concepts that are, or might be, relevant to what Oort-Cloud is all about.

Oort-Cloud is also a community of readers, authors, editors, and critics. What Oort-Cloud will be beyond that depends on you and the rest of the active community.

How much will it cost?

Nothing. Nada. If you don't believe us, feel free to send us some money.

So Oort-Cloud is just a big flame war. Is that it?

No, not at all. Creative criticism is better for everyone involved. That can be harsh too, but we would like to suggest that it would be better if your goal were to try to make everyone better. That way, they, in return, can help you get better at whatever it is you do--stories, reviews, essays, or critiques. Everyone wins.

So how do I start?

Read anything and everything you want. If you like what you see, log in and register so you can offer your comments and post your own stories, essays, or topics for the community to talk about.

The more you read, the more familiar you’ll get with what sorts of things people are posting here. Which means you will also see what is not being posted but maybe should be. We have our particular hopes for oort-cloud, but ultimately what this community becomes will be up to its members.

How do I post things?

This page has a HowTo for posting.

Ok, I've posted something. What happens then?

It gets lost forever.

Well, no, of course not. Once your story, essay, review, or critique is posted, then everyone else can read it, enjoy it, react to it. They might even have ideas to offer to help you improve it. That kind of multi-path communication among readers and authors, critics and reviewers, is what Oort-Cloud is all about. Ideally, these exchanges will lead to revisions which will steadily hone your work to a sharp edge.

What kind of copyrights do I have when I post?

See the Copyleft/Copyright HowTo.

How am I going to be able to keep up with what everyone else is doing?

The site includes RSS feeds which make it easier to follow posts and comments. Members are also free to set up feeds for groups , such as all "galactic empire" stories.

What if I want to post a genre other than science fiction or fantasy?

For the sake of keeping our identity, Oort-Cloud is primarily a venue for science fiction and fantasy. Posting another genre here will probably mean making it less likely your work will find its largest and most favorable audience. On the other hand, the boundaries among the genres are lower than ever before. So there's nothing to say your science-fiction or fantasy contribution could not also be, in part, a romance, mystery, horror story, or even a western.

What about fan fiction?

Fanfic is very welcome at oort-cloud just like other genres. In the interest of giving proper credit to creators, we’re asking fanfic writers to consider including the following information in their posts:

Title of the book
Year of Publication
ISBN (of the edition you have)

We also hope this information will make it easier for oort-cloud readers to find the canons fanfic is based on. In the end, though, we are leaving the decision to include this information up to you. As always on oort-cloud, it is your choice.