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Discussion: Marathon Training

My wife has run the Los Angeles Marathon. Twice.
Her training routine is fairly intense- starting small &
gradually building up a few months before the actual event.

I'm more casual. I run a couple of miles every other day to
blow off steam and have time to listen to the ipod.

So, my question: since some are here working on short stories
and some are working on longer works- what is working on the
site for you and what isn't? I've found that it's a great notebook
for sketches. I like that I can edit & revise easily from anywhere.
Serial posting is also very convenient. I find that it can be tough
to give feedback on a story, though, because I'm not often sure
where it's going.

Your thoughts?


Well, none of my friends have the time nor will to read and critique my stories. Plus, I don't think they like being put in the position of "editor" because a lot of writers are pretty sensitive about their craft. My skin is thick when it comes to nonfiction stuff—been doing it for years—but thinner when it comes to fiction (never had anything published).

Anyway, I like the idea of a pool of good writers (and avid readers) reviewing and critiquing finished or nearly finished pieces. This site already does an EXCELLENT job of that. I'm really happy with it.

I hate to say it, but writing "exercises" or "challenges" would be cool too. You know, something along the lines of, "use these words in a 500-word story." Those drills are a blast and they hone skills.

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Ditto on the sketchbook

Ditto on the sketchbook aspect. I think for me, having a place to display work in front of a larger group of people helps to force me to keep cranking out material. A discipline thang, I reckon, that I might not otherwise have. This last bit of Omnitrex Tech, for instance, really hurt my brain getting it down in a file. It was fun, after the end, but I could feel my brain trying to wrangle out of my skull on a few bits. Can't wait for actual revision time...