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Hello everyone in the Oort Cloud!

I'm a nonfiction writer—a pseudo-journalist and, ahem, marketing copy writer. Yeah, I know, shameful. But it keeps me in good wine and organic produce, so what the hey. I write for Apple Computer, mostly. My work can be found on Apple's Pro site ( It's Apple's online trade publication, sort of like Guitar Player for Mac users. I profile creative geniuses—FX wizards, musicians, photographers, filmmakers—who use Macs.

I've been writing since I was about 8. I've been a small-town newspaper reporter, a freelancer for larger papers and a magazine staff writer. But it's all been a ploy. I really want to write fiction. Or at least get the fiction I write published. Which is why I'm here.

I would like your help. Your thoughts, your recommendations, your expertise. I'm going to post a few short stories that I've written in my blog. Tear them apart. Make me cry. Make me a better fiction writer.

Thanks everybody.

-Dustin Driver


Welcome to the Grand Experiment, Dustin. If you want a lot of comments, my advice is to read, rate, and comment on as many other author's works as you can. I know that I always track people who give me good comments.


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Seconded. A far as the

Seconded. A far as the publishing aspects go, I'm sure that oorter's out there who have had published experiences would be more than happy to tell their tales.


Glad to have you here and to see you've posted some stories already.

Thank you!

Thank you thank you. I've got more stories to post. Been sitting on a few for a while now and my friends are sick of my pleas for feedback.

Hope to get something published sometime soon, before the universe implodes!