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Omnitrex Tech part 7

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Part 7
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Paul was running full speed now, a, something he hadn't done since he was a younger man, since the Games during school, and he was pleased with himself how well he was doing, nearly catching up with the boy. His trex was primed, ready for vid capture.

Then the world started to slip away. His footing was loosing itself, a giant clicked in his ears and he instinctively curled his head, bringing chin to chest and in one instant, he saw the floor he was standing on as orange tile, orange!...and the next moment there is this field of pressure covering him like a warm bath on his right side and then foom he is flying though the air, into the back of a kiosk, the plastiform suddenly very hard and unforgiving and he’s on his back now and the world slips back into hard focus behind him, pushing all its weight up against him. He knew he was on his back and the last thought he had before slipping off the world once more is that he had better let loose the trex’s record function.

This is the dream of one thousand nights and one night, the dream of Scheherazade trying to keep back the intentions of a lewd maser by ringing a bell one thousand and one times in Paul’s head. The floor is churning and spinning like a top. Then her face appears, elfin and pitying, looking down on him but vibrating wildly with the ringing. She is in sync, in symphony, in harmony with the universe in ways the he doesn’t understand, but her frequency is too high for him to resonate with, too quick of tongue and movement and of grace for his baser flesh.

Paul wakes, startled and annoyed and bewildered. His ears are ringing, the right more than the left, but there is no other noise. There are two men in white coveralls with large red crosses on the foreheads staring at him and mouthing with exaggerated lip movements: “LIE DOWN, DON'T MOVE” my god, he thinks, these men are EMTs...I’ve been through something terrible. What the hell was that?
Cold fear snaps a beeline from the base of his brain down his spinal cord, seeding a caldron of ice in his stomach. “What about the boy,” he yells, “The boy!
The EMT on the left looks quizzically at the one on the right who shakes his head and shrugs.

His body is numb. The technicians either haven’t found him or he’s simply not here and Paul lobs his head this way and that, trying to get his bearings.
…simply haven’t found the boy or he’s not present in the debris. The scene smells of burnt plastic and Paul tries to sit up but finds that he is unable to do so, he instill too dizzy, too weak. Soon strobes appear on the periphery of his vision and the officers of the law appear, their jumpsuit’s strobe effect dwindling as they near the EMTs.

There’s a bout a dozen officers, men and women, some are trexing out yellow do not cross here tape barriers while others are working crowd control, trying to hold back the bustling multitudes of the needy curious. EMT one is trexing out a pillow for Paul’s head and then a silvery blanket of plastic to cover him with. Technician two is trexing out a sheet of paper. It proclaims:

Dear sir:

Due to your recent lapse in insurance premiums, we will not be taking you to the nearest medical facility. As dictated in USC[united service code]393 subsection[symbol] 42a, we can inform you that you are not injured in any way and are being treated for shock. Your hearing will probably return to normal levels in due course and it is suggested that you avoid proximity with loud, repetitious sound sources for at least twenty-four hours.

This is not to be considered medical advice. Seek your doctor for further consultation. Please trex your sigfile on the space below, centered on the ‘x’, and return the form to the technician who provided it to you. A copy of this form will be sent to your common working file immediately upon receipt. Thank you, and have a good day.


Paul started giggling and tried very hard to hold his trex up to the paper and then started laughing when he failed to do so. “STILL TOO WOBBLY” he shouted, trying to hear his voice and when he couldn’t, along with the disdainful expression on the EMTs face and the smell of burnt plastic and the waves upon waves of people surrounding the police line for a look all conspired to together to make him laugh. A deep hearty long and almost wild laugh that made his sides ache from its duration and his eyes water from it’s intensity.

EMT one hastily held the paper in front of Paul’s trex with one hand, Paul’s arm with the other, while EMT two moved Paul’s thumb over the trex interface, pulling up the necessary menu’s to get a sigfile sent to the paper.

This, of course, made Paul laugh just that much harder.

Paul watched as technician one and two give each other a look. They let him go and number two let his trex eat the paper. A vibration went off in Paul’s trex, a message had been received. Then, as number one stood up, a shadow came over all three of them as they were joined by another person, standing tall in the long black draperies of the law. Paul felt the temperature drop a couple of degrees and pulled the plastic sheet tighter around himself.

He groaned inwardly. Before him stood a Detective.

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