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The Empty Voyage, Pt 1 of 2

When he began the journey, all those months ago, he had been lead to believe it was some kind of reality TV-type arrangement. At a post office box in Nice he received an electronic map, keys to a yaught, and be provided with practically anything he might need from a provisions standpoint. He was to follow the routes on the map which would periodically reveal a new destination, and so he would sail from place to place throughout the Mediterranean. Cameras would be on board, watching most of what he was doing, presumably in real time, streamed to TV (or to the web during major sporting events or whatever).

And initially, it was fun. For the first round of adventures, the map seemed to be leading him along famous historic routes, such as Hannibal's march through the Alps or the Allied Invasion of Fascist Italy. Sometimes, he'd get in front of a camera and extemporize about things, about what he was seeing or how he was feeling. He particularly liked the Punic War voyages, and tracing their routes from North Africa.

As the weeks began to drag on, however, he began to wonder. He had heard no feedback about his broadcasts, and while on land had met no one who had ever seen the show. Indeed, he couldn't find a listing or description of it anywhere, but given the vast number of cable channels back in the US where he was from, the idea that no information about it was available locally was not impossible. But despite the doubts, he was enjoying the voyages across the shimmering sunlit waters of the mediterranean. Neither boredom nor loneliness seemed to affect him, particularly as he became used to thhe rhythm of the trip.

But after the Punic War explorations, and after being lead to some restful time off anchored along the Amalfi coast in Italy, the map seemed to shift gears and started leading him on a new set of voyages. These voyages seem to trace routes or lead to locations that hoovered between myth and reality. He traced Schleimann's voyages searching for Troy and the path of Odyeseus. He visited the greek isles with their blazing white sands, places like Rhodes and Lesbos, searching for signs of the minotaur or Atlantiis or ancient and advanced communities that may have existed. He even spent some time in Egypt and the Levant, tracing Biblical routes of the Jews or early Christians.

And as the months dragged on, he stopped talking to the cameras and practically forgot they were there. Indeed, the operation light went out on one of them so he decided to open it up.

When he did, he found that there was nothing inside, no electronics, and that the operation light was merely connected to a 9-volt battery that dangled on the end of a short wire. In other words, no one had been watching. There was, apparently, no reality TV show nor had there in all likelihood ever been.

Intriguing start

I like the twist at the end here--not what I was expecting, and now I'm curious to see what's going on here.

Just a couple nit-picky points about the second sentence in the first paragraph: 'yaught' should probably be 'yacht' and the phrase "be provided with" maybe should be "was provided with"?

But details aside, I liked this.

I'd like to take a trip like

I'd like to take a trip like that, sounds like fun. im interested to see what happens.....