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Dead Channel

Hello, gentle reader,

I, two other writers, a couple of artists, and a talented code monkey or two put together Dead Channel ( a bit more than a year ago now. As the title page declares, "We're here to fill the spaces between cheap commercial fiction and impenetrable literary static. No manifesto, no grand scheme. No indictments of the modern genre. Just good stories."

Well, hopefully they're good stories. When we discovered Oort Cloud, we thought we'd cross-post here to benefit from the interactive environment here. As gorgeous and elegant a site as Dead Channel is (IMHO), we did not build in any kind of interaction between producers and audience other than email. So we hope to benefit from the good idea that is Oort Cloud, without detracting from it.

Stories from Dead Channel authors will carry the 'dead channel' tag so you can recognize us. Feel free to surf by the 'channel sometime. Not all of our content will be cross-posted here, though I at least will be going back through my material and reposting selections here. I'll also be reposting my serial "Break to Bind" here in its entirety.

Cheers, and Long Live Oort Cloud,

Thanks for the support,

Thanks for the support, Sean. Paul and I are very glad to see the interactivity working for people here, and we're hoping to add even more of it as we go along.

And, in the meantime, keep writing! =)

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Sounds good. Keep posting :-)