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Omnitrex Tech Part 4

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***Thanks to Paul-n-tha-Gang for fixin’ the Oort glitches***
Link to part 1

It’s the dreams that get him the most. Dreams of ex lovers , dreams of his parents before their retirement. Dreams of things that don’t involve the trex. Most of all, though, is the shear amounts of space involved. He is standing and his feet are bare and strangely enough, so is the rest of him. There is a floor material of long, green tubes that flatten into broad green feathers and it all moves in a breeze beneath a strikingly blue sky. And it’s just him in this space. Just him and the Expanse. And it’s glorious. He can breathe.

The lovers and family members are all buried under the bizarre floor covering and he can’t help but feel it’s alive: the green tubes are all interwoven with brown fiberous fingers that become smaller and smaller as you trace their length, all kinked up in something that has the texture of of moist chocolate cake. Dirt he thinks. The name for this is dirt. And his ex’s and friends and family from long ago are staring up at him from their spots in the dirt. They’re waiting for him to-

“Wake up, Paul, rise and shine it’s another beautiful day to be alive let’s go up and at ‘em…” The trex will keep shouting until he does something in the vein of getting out of bed. He took too long this time, though and the bed dissolved from underneath him, the floor’s texture gradually firming itself to foundation material. He decided to rise. To wait any longer meant for the floor to start heating itself. That is only a fun game for so long. Best to get into the swing of things.

Splash of cool water from the wall, run the hands through the widow peaked hair, trex out a chicken savory protein cake and glass of water and time to check all the posts of the day while doing the morning calisthenics with Amazing Amy on the trex fitness line. The Badgers farked the Raiders twelve to nothing with a victory that would lead them to the Tuber Bowl. That was good. Twelve iterations of his fantasy teams were banking on the Badgers to come through. The usual terror alerts, watch for public space types 12-15 today, they’ll all be lit up orange, just in case you’re daydreaming. Another reminder of the triple M, subs were due by three today, likity split. More news?

“NO,” gasped Paul while doing a particularly nasty yoga pose. He wasn’t quite sure if the liver was supposed to be massaged by the spine in this fashion, but if Amazing Amy could do it, dammit, so could he. He had to make the most of the free trial offer he was allowed to receive. Which were becoming less and less frequent, of course. No one wants to send you trial offers on anything if you turn around and red line on them. Maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing, though.

Paul finished with Amy and went to a wall for another splash of water to wash off sweat. Nothing happened. Cursing silently, he shuffled over to the trex where it huddled in the wall and looked up his housing authority account. Insufficient funds had struck again. Today he would be the one with stinky feet.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

The path of comedy?

This looks as if its moving towards comedy, which I think is great. The description at the beginning really popped into my head, I kept imagining colors like a peacocks feathers or something like that. It was cool. Also “Wake up, Paul, rise and shine it’s another beautiful day to be alive let’s go up and at ‘em…” immediatley made me think of Eddie the shipboard computer from D.Adams HHGTTG, which is an equally obnoxious entity. Im really intrigued to see Paul out-an-about in the real world. Paul seems like a real "cool" character (as in laid back), his POV on this somewhat satirical future-world will be something Im interested to read......Nice. -alphaborie

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hhahahah..yah, i love eddie,

hhahahah..yah, i love eddie, the shipboard's quite possible that a lot of h2g2 will leak out. i'll have to be careful about that. homage is one thing, blatant rip off another...


The question now arises, does the Omnitrex have a personality, or is it just scripted?? When it speaks, does it really know or care what is happening around it? Edit: I think the idea of Amazing Amy doing ridiculous, impossible yoga poses is hilarious....

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hahahh...the more i think

hahahh...the more i think about it, the more unusual it's going to get, i'm afraid. if it's heading where i think it is, it might even make it to the end of the universe.....

whether or not there's a milliways there we'll just have to see.

i'll want to add more strain to paul's attempt at the yoga. sheer effort and strain making his sweat glandstry to scream out from his pores or sumpthin'. the devil's in the details and there's always sumpthin' happenin' in revision land...

I like what I've read so

I like what I've read so far. Why am I not surprised to find this place is filled with Douglas Adams fans? =)

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Hahahah...thanks! I suppose

Hahahah...thanks! I suppose there's somethinf very Guide like about Oort-Cloud...all these different POVs info dumping into a shared resevoir, "Most of it apocryphal, or, at least, wildly inaccurate"...which of course makes it very fun.


an infinity of options...