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Environmentally-friendly warfare


The newsreader was interrupted mid-sentence. She paused, only for what appeared to be a breath, but it was a whole instruction.

Suddenly a three dimensional globe spun across the screen, accompanied by dramatic music. The words: ‘This is CNN breaking news’ thundered through the speakers.

The image of the newsreader returned, now steadfast in her determination, unpaused and ready to deliver the breaking news.

Conspiratorially, yet unwhispered, she meted out the news of judgement day.

The United States of America dropped the first green bomb on Teheran.

It wiped out 50 000 civilians but left every tree, dog, cat and cow spared. It was the work of the new green bomb, a major coup for America’s new ruling party, the Greenies, in environmentally friendly warfare.

Smart-shrapnel hunt out women, children and men, leaving other organic matter safe.

Of course, the bomb emits extremely low levels of carbon, which was one of the major reasons the Green Party could become the first party in the history of the USA to outdo the Democrats and the Republicans at the polls.

The newsreader smiled. The American dream continued unabated.

They used to call it the Neutron Bomb when I was growing up.

...and it scared the crap out of me, then too. Any ideas of expanding this
beyond flash fiction?

every wall collapses, given enough time.

Quick one

I haven't given it much thought. I quickly jotted it down as part of a weekly writing challenge where the theme this week was 'an imaginary win by the Green Party in 2048'.

I liked the idea that even the Green Party would succumb to war given the position, but adding their own signature to it.


Poltical Sci-Fi

Interesting idea...And I think they have bombs like that already, although not as smart as in your story...although I think a Green party would be anti-killing. Perhaps the ultra-right wing Green party....the idea is a sound one tho. You could have tree-planting bombs (they destroy buildings then lay seed afterwards), bullets made of bio-degradable recycled soy products (lol), land mines made of earth friendly fertilizer (when they explode they spread their goodness around), hmm, how 'bout, a new article in the Geneva Convention prohibiting fighting around endangered animals.....