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Groups and Feedback

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(The original post is below). As it turns out, the permissions issue that caused authenticated usrs to be unable to either post or read had nothing to do with the Groups module.

Looking through the logs, Rick and I discovered that sometime midday on Saturday, the problem began, and thanks to discussion among users (which confirmed the problem) and a few timely emails to Oort-Cloud, Rick and I were able to fix things.

Much thx to everyone who, one way or another, participated in the event and its resolution.



Well, we are working on getting the "Groups" module working or Oort-Cloud, but so far it seems to be messing with people's permissions and the ability to post/edit entries and comments.

Until it is either working or abandoned, please keep a backup of your posts in a text file just in case they don't post properly and you have to do it a second time.

Also, please be sure to report any problems so that we can make informed decisions about the Groups module.

Thanks dudes-

Just wanted to say thanks for getting my post back! ;)