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Half Breeds- Part Four

The smoke clears and the explosions stop. I’m still standing and they aren’t.

I’m about to pursue the other half of the squad when I get the stand down order. “We’ve got it covered,” I hear on the Secret Service frequency.

I walk to the gate where I’m met by my new partners. Both of them are sporting some heavy mech.

“Agent James Yona, reporting for duty, sir.” The Rush is fading, enough for me to deal with conversation again.

“At ease. I’m agent Tovar, this is Agent Vasquez. You all right?

“Looks that way. Were you expecting company?”

Tovar and Vasquez have made a preliminary sweep. They check out my aftermath.

“Didn’t leave much for the interrogation, did you?”

“I’ll do better next time I save your asses. Seriously, what the hell just happened here?”

Tovar nods toward Vasquez.

“Take him up to meet the Man. I’ll handle it down here.”

Apparantly, I have my orders. On the way up to the house, I pass a small army of agents surrounding the remaining hit squad. They’ve been disarmed and captured. How nice.

It isn’t until we get to the front of the house that I realize exactly how many agents this guy’s got. They’re all packing mech. This is more than I’ve ever seen in one place that wasn’t a declared war zone.

“Just to check, Vasquez... California hasn’t been declared a war zone, has it?”

He smiles. “Not yet.”

We enter. I replay all the intel I have on the Senator. I can’t. It’s missing.

“What the hell?” I stop.

“Tried to access your mission file, did you?” Vasquez waves me on. “Weird, huh?”

“How did they do that? I haven’t sensed any data attacks. I’m checking my file directory... there’s nothing there. Somebody better start explaining, because...”

I never finish my threat. That’s because the Senator walks in with a tablet and stylus. He taps once and my systems freeze up. All of them. I’m blind, deaf, and suddenly every nerve feels like they’re baking on hot asphalt.

My clock is gone. All I can feel is flesh.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

I think the best response

I think the best response here is: "Uh oh"!

This is moving along well. I hope there's going to be a part five, though I get the feeling Yona isn't going to like whatever's about to happen next.