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A Yogi on Writing (AYOW): What do you do to wind down?


In the discussion on my other post about the muse, we were talking about where inspiration hits us, in odd places at odd times (No, not in the gut during sex! More like in the pharmacy or during work). Sometimes, though, the muse ain't talking. So we need to do something to get out of the rut.

I was in one of those yesterday. I might as well have been wearing boxing gloves for all the trouble I went through to get a page out. But when I left the house and was out and about on errands, the fog lifted and I was able to get some insight into why the plot wasn't moving along.

I tend to get inspired or insights in the strangest places. I am a yoga teacher by profession (thus the title of these posts) and often when taking class or in the midst of postures, I find my mind is freed up enough to get past a sticky point. I even get plot ideas when I shouldn't, like during savasana (the resting time when we're supposed to be contemplating the infinite, not the Ai in our story who's being recalcitrant).

So, how do you grease the wheels and get things moving? Or how do you cut loose? Running? Swimming? Yoga? Halo? CSI? Pee-Wee's Playhouse?

Do tell!

I walk away...

and let my subconcious mind work on it. Eventually what I need floats to the surface.

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i commit myself to some form

i commit myself to some form of drudgery. it's a painful last resort. try and immerse myself into the totality of a boring job to do. once that's in process, i try not to think at all, and the next thing i know, i'm thinking about something more creative than what i'm doing at that time. it might not be the next chapter of a specific story, but it forces the creative bits back into drive. knock on wood, of course... :)

A calm life...

... is quite frankly, impossible. Living, for me, tends to be a messy, noisy thing when it's at its best.

every wall collapses, given enough time.


whatever works....

Winding down

There is definatley something to be said about a calm mind for creative purposes. There are many people who believe that when in a state of "no thought", the mind is free to form its most beautiful and profound creations. My BEST work and inspiration pops into my head when my mind is still, which can occur in some pretty odd places. I've found that through being AWARE of the moment, breathing slow, and observing thoughts as they happen, Ive been able to reach some pretty cool and creative levels. _alpha