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Omnitrex Tech Part 3

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Link to part 2

Link to part 1

Paul switched his trex to the power-down countdown cycle, plugged the trex into it’s receptacle in the wall and stared around at his lovely pad, his eyes always coming back to the lovely little curved appliance was a moment ago in his hands.

Looking at it gave him some sort of strange peace, some sort of pause that quelled his frustrations with life. You could never truly turn a trex off – not without smashing it to pieces at any rate, and even that was exceedingly hard to do. It gathered power just as it gathered and distributed information, all from wireless nodes in the walls and ceiling and floors. Every where there was matter, the streets and hallways, tubes and public spaces, power and information were available on demand and completely metered, of course. While the trex slept he wouldn’t be charged for more than it took to recharge its gellybats, which was a good thing considering how tight the cred line was these days. Tomorrow was another day of course, and he’d be back in the black, even if that black was a thin line a few picometers in width.

The space he dwelled in was a generous fifteen by fifteen by twelve foot almost-cube of electro luminescent bioplastic that changed color with his mood. Right now, the walls were deepest blue, bordering on violet. Daemon Joe was right about the three mortgages eating everything up from his paycheck. He couldn’t help himself, though, having this much space to himself was a godsend to his sanity. He knew he’d never survive in a hive, not any more at any rate. Once upon a time he was young enough for that sort of thing. Part of the trex’s PDCD routine involved plugging itself into the apartment’s facilities to monitor water usage, supply needed cleansing agents and resupply it’s feedstocks from anything that was deposited from shower run off or from the toilet, or, as his aunt Chelly had always described the process, “Paying the bills”. Today’s deposit was rather small, of course. He watched from the seated position as the apartment began putting itself to sleep.

Slowly the table with it’s earthenware and chair he was sitting on unbubbled themselves and turned back into flooring with a churning blop-blop-blop, their script time was up for the day. In the far left corner of the room bioplastic bubbles were simultaneously aggregating into a shower stall in a reverse of the process that ate the dinnerware and table settings. Paul stepped into the space jumpsuit and all and microholes in the ceiling and walls jetted water with just the right temperature and soap cycle all over his suited body. The suit wicked the dirty water away from his skin, cycling it with soapy goodness and then a rinse. Paul rubbed his hands through his hair and stared at the luminescent ceiling. He must be feeling better, the light had changed pistachio green. Five minutes of hot aqua jet later the air dry cycle began and he was ready for bed himself.

The corner adjacent to the shower bubbled up into a bed pedestal. Just before he laid himself in its silken foaminess, the trex chirped up for the last time that night, projecting on the wall the color coded indicator of his consumer spending index. Thanks to his gargantuan rent, he’d been in the upper orange for the past six month and had earned a presidential spending coupon, redeemable for a category five temporary media download. “Whaddaya know,” Paul muttered before drifting into the arms of Plastic Morpheus, “I get a birthday present after all.”

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

I really like where this is

I really like where this is going. A futuristic dystopia of licensed everything revolving around the ultimate all-in-one device. Perfect extrapolation of the current state of DRM'd and copyrighted everything! Looking forward to reading more. It's got great potential and it has been superbly executed thus far.



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Thanks! As I mentioned to

Thanks! As I mentioned to Alphaborie, hopefully the steam engine will keep running. I've been having trouble getting my comments and replies to comments sticking in the ol' Oort Interface, so sorry if this comes off as a bit late.

What I want to do with this piece is examine a possible reason why a society would put up with such silliness in the first place. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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lessee.......put in a point where paul has to talk to the trex tube line...his required mandatory blogosphere post for the day. "People want to know what your day was like, Paul! coos St. Sallie, blogosphere personality and blonde bombshell, give the nation a taste of what it's like to be you."

Paul sighs. He contemplates telling off Sallie with a tirade about how his special day was ruined for lack of funds and apparently it was all his fault, anyway, but then thinks better of it. The last time he went on a rant, his hit scores were lowered and his CSI was handicapped.

"My day was peachy," Paul said, "I'm a really successful guy. Chicks dig me."

"Fannnnnntabulous!" squeaked St. Sallie, jiggling in all the right places. "We'll check in with you tomorrow, Paul, don't forget it's Manic Monday Montages! Night night."

The Triple M. Crap, he had forgotten about that. He'd have to come up with something zany to score some hits. Speaking of which, the trex projected his browse-o-meter onto the wall and he was dangerously close to letting the yellow bar turn green. He'd have to take care of that tomorrow.

Posting problem

Ive tried posting comments on this piece twice, on two different occasions, and they don't seem to show up! So Ill keep it short: Great stuff. Loved the descriptions involving shape, color, texture, topology of the physical scene. Enjoyed it.

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You know, i've had that problem, too. i just noticed that a comment i left, or thought i left, on em's blog for the simulacrum part one is missing! what's going on?!? Should we consult the higher- ups?