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Discussion: Reaching out with podcasts?

The New York Times just had an article about writers creating audio performances of their work on free podcasts as a way of attracting new readers. I noted Cory Doctorow's podcast in a previous post, and this article mentions other writers who are giving this approach a try.

In case you're not able to access the article, here's a notable quote from one writer:

“I’m just completely impatient with the publishing world,” he said. “Even if a publisher said yes tomorrow, it would be a full year before the book was in the marketplace. Coming from the Internet, that was just insane to me.”

It's been interesting to watch as perceptions of time have become more of a factor in the difference the online and, for lack of a better word, 'traditional' worlds.

The article goes on to note that some of these podcasts have gained thousands of listeners, although I'm not sure how accurate the estimates of podcast audiences are these days. Still, it seems like a development worth watching.

So, how about it, Oort Clouders? (We really do need a name for ourselves, don't we?) Have you listened to any of these podcasts? If you have, what did you think?

And have you ever thought about giving podcasts a try yourself?

Lets do it

I like the idea of having the ability to post podcasts if we want to. Although written text is wonderful, I think many people would enjoy having a new installment of a story delivered to their pod on a consistent basis. Also, reading works aloud helps the author get a feel for the story, at least it helps me when i read aloud. And I have experience with podcasting, composing and arranging music, eqing, so if anyone has any questions..... And I agree with kelson.philo, trying to stay up with the sphere is impossible.


is there the possibility of loading images using HTML tags? A friend of mine was considering turning part of skullhack into graphics (as it was intended to be) and if that happens I would want to show it here. Thanks

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Keeping up with the Jones' blogroll

So. Just how in the hell of hells am I supposed to keep up with the blogosphere? Hahaha...There's just soooo much going on all the time that's really, truly interesting. If I don't get my bOING bOING or slashdot fix or, of course, Oort-Cloud (howzabout Ooritcals, Snoorters or Oco's for names, eh? eh? :)...) for a week I feel like I'm hopelessly out of the loop. Not to mention all the other blogs and hyperlinkages that bifurcate from those streams. I could quite easily spend eight hours a day simply looking at stuff like a sponge and then, oh crap, if I should even think of posting something, well, watch out. Heaven forbid I actually listen to any podcasts...

I'm suddenly running into this wall where the main hurdle is effective time management. My brain isn't evolved enough to work and listen to things attentively at the same time. At Rudy Rucker's blog, I found a link to a podcast he did and it was fascinating stuff, but I had to stop whatever it was I was doing at the time and pay attention. It wasn't like listening to music while walking on a treadmill, there was simply too much info dump happenin'.

Is this what it means to be one of the Fast Folk? To not have such a phenomenon of laggggg timmmmme involved in processing the info? If so, where's my brain implant?

Been thinking about this myself

I have been thinking about doing this myself only recently. I am willing to give it a try if you are. We can figure out the hosting mechanics later.

I'm off to my secret place where I won't be disturbed to give my MP3 player with voice memo facility a go.

Meanwhile I would have thought it was obvious. We are all aspiring 'authors' are we not? Then why not call ourselves Oorters?

KarnuVap - but you can call me Mr. Vap the oorter.

Haven't tried, but I like the idea

I've never been into listening to books being read. I don't like headphones, and my commute to work isn't that long.

However, I like the idea of making the story available in whatever format the customer wants. There are a couple of authors I've started reading after seeing some of their stuff that they had made available online for free.

I think the podcast is a little difficult, though. Not everyone can read aloud effectively, and a bad narration could really kill even the best story.