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Arrival of the Seekers: chapter 1, part 2


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Arrival of the Seekers: chapter 1, part 2

Chadril-vad blended into the woods as the children peered in amazement. From a small, black box, Chadril pulled out a pair of spectacles that sparkled with a rainbow of colors. The people of Trulder-kei had not seen spectacles for the most part, let alone a set that had sliding lenses of various colors. As Chadril-vad slid each color into place, he took a scan of the area below.

The children, lost in the amazement of beasts, colors, and peoples of the dock and town below, didn't notice the actions of the hermit tribesman. There was too much wonder to behold below to look behind.

Fronil was a small town, but it's numbers seemed bursting with this rare visit. Humans, elves, orcs, dwarves; no race the small tribe had heard of was absent. But to imagine all of the other races that were here on this day was beyond imagination. The children, having tried so hard to contain their energy, could no longer hold their excitement.

"Wow!" exclaimed Frandla. "I bet there's folks down there from the Yar!"

"I bet there's things down there from the moons!" Turrin added.

"I bet there's two moon heads right here!" Mischa said.

Some of the warriors chuckled. The boys turned red.

"Mischa will probably spend all day looking at dresses and pigments for her cheeks so she can be the new witch doctor," blurted Frandla, obviously wounded.

"That's enough", Helder commanded. "Warriors fight enemies and capture game. Women gather and nurture young. They do not bicker."

The children put their heads down in shame. Frandla moved over to Turrin.

Frandla whispered, "He called us warriors."

Frandla smiled.

Chadril-vad was clicking the different colors into place, sometimes two colors at once. The spectacled colors didn't seem to show any great level of magnification, but the elder recluse did not seem to strain his eyes in his study, either.

He focused in on the area where the largest of boats came to dock. There were people and beasts and all types of cargo being unloaded along long planks of wood. Taking place near the top of one of the planks was a large scuffle.

A huge and muscled man held a long pole to the neck of a jaguar-like creature with spots of green that must have stood ten feet in height. At the end of the pole was a greenish-blue loop of mystical energy that encircled the big cat's neck. The beast must have been nearly 20 feet in length, and it struggled for its own will. Strangely, though it bucked and pulled, it never attacked the huge man that held its leash.

Chadril-vad felt the very air in his lungs escape him. His ability to breathe in was totally lost. Quickly pulling the spectacles off, he pounced to his feet faster than a man his size or age should be capable of doing.

Finding air, Chadril commanded, "Get everyone to the brush here surrounding me. Now!"

The children stood astonished. They had never seen Chadril-vad have command or movement equal to the tribe's leader before and were amazed of this hidden piece of Chadril. Quickly, the adults of the tribe took the youngsters in hand and moved them to a semi-circle around Chadril-vad.

"Stand firm," Chadril commanded.

The recluse went into a place inside that he had not visited in many years. He pulled forth from a dimension he had tried to forget and pulled something from it with his mind. His eyes opened, but there were lightning storms transpiring in the ovals that were his eyes.

"Kla-rohn-sharl-pele-neestik, argo-fera-adow-ker," Chadril thundered, "ranil-pere-trostil-kana-destrum. Behold this circle no more."

A huge wave of orange energy extended from Chadril-vad and flowed through the assembled tribe people of Trulder-kei. As the circle reached a point of some 100 feet, the wave swirled in a circle. It built up speed and shifted in color continuously. Then, the circle gathered in a singular spot and shot down as a red sphere over the cliff.

In the distance, above the sound of the ocean, the people, and all the beasts, was a cat-like roar.

The huge muscled man pulled the cat's head down to stare into its purple eyes.

He said, "Someone's trying to hide from you, kitty. I wonder who it is."

Very interesting Willi B. I

Very interesting Willi B.
I await chapter 3...Nice use of visualization through descriptive text.

Raising the stakes a bit,

Raising the stakes a bit, which is good. The spectacles are an interesting idea, and I'm looking forward to finding out just why Chadril-vad was so worried by what he saw.