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Arrival of the Seekers: chapter 1


2-26-07 Edit: 2-15-08

Arrival of the Seekers: chapter 1

Turrin-boka and Frandla-noa were barely containing themselves. They walked with the stride of early teen boys that were trying to impress older men. The boys knew what an honor it was to be invited to the boat arrival, but keeping that emotion in control had little to do with the fact they were going to get to see all those amazing things that few could ever see.

The behavior of the two boys was better than any time any of the elders could remember. The elders had seen the barely contained smiles as Turrin and Frandla's names were announced to take the cross-island trek. Mischa-gul, the lone young female in the traveling group, had been more concerned with packing the right equipment, and was immediately nervous when her name was announced.

The warriors of Trulder-kei tribe were always selective of the groups they would send when the boat from Trindolf Island arrived. The arrivals only seemed to happen on Markwor Island twice a year, in the moderate weather seasons, and the warriors selected, both young and old, had to be able to carry a decent amount of weight. Except Chadril-vad.

Chadril-vad had been the oddest person anyone in the village ever knew. The stories were that Chadril had once been a member of the Trulder-kei tribe but that he had took to exploring and was not seen for long periods of time. Once, the tales speak, he had been gone for a period of 12 years.

As the practice of leaving the tribe was not well received, the tribe council had ruled that he could not rest within the circle of huts they called the tribal village. So, he had thatched a hut in the surrounding wood of Trulder-kei and spent the majority of his time alone. This seemed to suit Chadril-vad perfectly, as he seemed to value his privacy.

The children heard wild stories about the outsider tribesman. He had worn clothes the children had never seen; spoke words the children had never heard, and played with objects that no tribesman had thought could exist. He was scary to the children of the tribe. Yet he was always allowed to accompany the group that made these arrivals of the boat from the larger Trindolf Island.

Frandla-noa spoke, the first of anyone to speak in a few miles.

"Not long now, right Turrin?” the boy asked.

"How would I know?” replied Turrin.

"You could always ask-,” he continued in a whisper nodding slightly to Chadril-vad as the boys walked close together.

Chadril-vad smiled, some twenty feet away.

"Uh... no! It's better that I seek each footstep as it comes to me," Frandla said as his voice found confidence.

Frandla moved closer to a large warrior.

"For it is the path that we move upon that grows our wisdom!” Frandla said with pride, "right, Helder-jup?"

The large warrior grunted and moved to distance himself from the boy.

Mischa, sensing Frandla's attempt to play grown-up, moved over to him and said, "Helder is a warrior. A big handsome warrior. He doesn't have time to play with boys."

Turrin laughed. Frandla gave Mischa a look that said he was angry, but mostly embarrassed.

"Mischa, I was only repeating the teachings of the tribe," said Frandla. "Neither I, nor the honored Helder-jup, have time to talk to girls."

Frandla felt somewhat better that he did not stoop to Mischa's antagonism, though he knew she was a good provider for the tribe.

There was a definite sense of closeness, as the air had grown thick with the smell of the ocean. The jungle path, well worn by various tribes, had come to a clearing and the warriors ahead of the children were slowing down.

"We shall stop here for just a bit before going down," commanded Helder-jup.

The children had never known it, but the long path had slowly winded upwards and they were now on a beautiful cliff that overlooked the town of Fronil. It was a view that had more sights in its scope of strange and different things than they had ever seen in their life, so the warriors made sure the curious children did not approach the edge of the cliff.

Looks good so far. Curious

Looks good so far. Curious about where it's going.