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Book reviews?

I am thinking of posting a couple book reviews of books which I have found immensely useful for writing here. Do you folks think it would be helpful at all?
Lemme know.

I say do it. Just be sure to

I say do it. Just be sure to tag them meaningfully. One Question though: Isn't that kind of what the "books worth a look" pages are for? Can't you add to them with your "Create Content" button and create a "page" instead of a blog entry?

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no, and here's why

figgered i had better reply :-)

Books Worth a Look is not quite working. We want users to have the ability to add items but right now it is an admin-only thing (which we don't want).

I will post a post about it.

In the meantime, post book reviews as normal blog entries. I would make the title "Review: ..." w/ the name of the work and be sure to tag it with review and whatever other tags are appropriate.

thx for doing this :-)