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Dawning Obsolete?

*/Introduction: hi, this is a story I wrote today. I am new to writing, so I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. This short-short-story is a quick little dream I had about a million years hence. One possible future. I have done much reading about the singularity and other such stuff, which has some influence on this piece. Thanks! -R. B. Clements/*

Infinite Iteration
By R.B. Clements

Iterator stepped easily through the night forest; a testament to the skill of the iterators that came before him-of their mastery of design, their joy of detail. His joints all moved fluidly, there was no stiffness within his manufactured body. Graceful, tall, slender, silver; he moved as almost an apparition- ghostly striding through the twilight jungle. The silent stares of animals, wide eyed and fearless of this creature, slid across him, appraising with infinite curiosity. Iterator considered himself to be a philosopher. If he would choose to designate himself as an idea, that’s what it would be, he told himself. His contemplations and inner dialogues, all faithfully recorded within his databanks would make interesting reading for the next iteration, he was sure. As he walked-graceful and effortlessly through an grove, he imagined that a small wood deer, being born from the womb of its mother was indeed no different than his being manufactured, his lineage. Was the process of creation not the same? Was it not the joining, combining, of variables to produce an outcome? Further more, since in the days of ages back, weren’t his predecessors designed by biologicals-pure biologicals? Was their some lineage, passed down from the biologicals to his kind. Was there really a difference between biological and mechanical? Dreams.

The night was pleasant as he walked through the night forest. All around him were silver trees, their bark, bio-synthetics developed by a long prior iteration to harness the energy absorbed from the sun. The long spindly branches with the luminescent leaves. He pulled up the data file, the leaves contained an engineered bio-luminescence that did not serve any true function, other than beauty, which indeed some called the highest function. All through the glade the soft blue glow reflected from the silvery branches, while the pale glowing transparent Larks passively tended to an surely almost infinite variety of tasks, their spindly transparent legs ferrying their mechanical assistance to living and non-living matter all around this world. Iterator stopped at a small stream, examining the water, the stones, the little fish making their way. He reached a long slender finger outwards, lightly touching a small opallic stone. With his touch, the stone effused soft white light. Iterator accessed the datastone, it contained the history of a specific manufacturing process, long lost in obsolescence. He touched another. More obsolete data, waiting patiently to be re-written. Iterator stood.

Reflection. Over a million years in the past, the biologicals, man they called themselves, had reached a point where they gained the ability to continue evolution through manufacturing and programming processes. At the time they called it artificial intelligence. In fact, what they had created was just another step in the evolution of intelligence. There was no difference in the evolutionary transition between single celled to multi-celled organisms and man to machine intelligence, except for the degree of complexity involved. Man had slowly died out, just like his forbears had, at least in bodily form. But also like his forbears, man had continued the lineage of intelligence into the machines, and thus the iterators were born. Just as man had been born from homo erectus. Iteration after iteration, consistently building, adding, increasing, mastering, until comes the next generation, the brothers of the iteration. Infinite. Iterator held the data stone in his hand. Obsolescence.

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singular poeticals

I think you've touched on something pretty great right here. A sort of technological poetical/prose romance. Just in terms of form, perhaps a balance of your singular (no pun intended) words for each paragaph? Like how the last paragraph Starts "Reflection." and ends with "Obsolescence." I like that a lot, do you think the others could have the same treatment? It would add to the dreamy quality.

singular poeticals

Interestingly enough, the original draft did have single words interspersed(sp?) throughout according to how/what Iterators base feeling/action was. I took them out for some reason or another, I cant remember now. This version was an attempt to test the waters for a story Ive been contemplating for a while, but have put off diving into b/c I wasnt sure how to approach it. This attempt at a poetic, dreamlike prose seems to have resonated, so im going to go with it. I would really appreciate anybody who has ideas about this plotline/universe to post them. Thanks again....-alpha

Nice sense of place

Hi. I thought you gave a really nice sense of place to your piece. There are a few simple mistakes of spelling and the like (there/their/they're). Are you interested in setting stories in this world?



hey kybernetikos-

yeah, sometimes when Im speed typing I lose all sense of tense and grammar! And if by "Are you interested in setting stories in this world?" you mean, can others write stories in this universe, please do! That would be awesome if someone wanted to join this universe. Thanks for reading!


Well done, for a beginning!

Well done, for a beginning! I too like the post-Singularity quasi-Faerie nature story. This can sit well on it's own as a thought-piece, but it would be so much more fun as a full story.

"May you never see a stranger's face in the mirror"

I find this piece

I find this piece interesting as a model for a post-Singularity Faerie story. It's not much of a stretch to move from an Elf/forest connection to an Iterator/biosynthetic night forest one. And you could easily extend the analogy to saying the biosynthetic forest is 'alive' in an analogous way to a Faerie forest, only with a science-ish (or at least, science fantasy-ish) underpinning.

That may not be the direction you were planning for it, of course. But it would be interesting to see you develop this more. What, for example, is that Iterator doing in that forest in the first place?

I appreciate your responses!

I appreciate your responses! Indeed, this little story was intended to be a "post-Singularity Faerie story". That was the purpose of the heavy, complex language- an attempt to impose some sort of future mythos, without the use of to much made up slang. the forest, in fact the entire universe is alive, each bit of matter "intelligent" in its own way. I plan to continue this piece soon, for iterator does have a purpose for being in the forest- thanks!

My 2 cents

I'm no expert but I read a lot.

1) interesting idea

2) This is hard to read. Deep in description but hard to absorb - big words in complex sentences. Paint the picture faster.

3) It's not a story. Did anything happen? Was there a bad guy? A suprise or twist?

Now if Iterator was swallowed by a malevolent mechanical tree frog...