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Mankind 2.0

The Official Guard announced his arrival and stood aside in attention. The room fell silent as the Ambassador Adam slid through the door into the President’s conference room.

“Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen” purred the tall, thin andy’s voice accompanied with a handsome smiling face in the head display. President Singh stepped forward and bowed to the android. “Welcome Ambassador Adam, we are pleased to have the Twomen among us once again. Does the andy satisfy your requirements?”

The android nodded deeply, the ‘head’ dipping low on the long electromuscle neck, the face remaining perpendicular to the floor, never breaking eye contact. “Your accommodations meet to our specifications, Madam. We thank your manufacturers for their quick and precise work.”

“You are welcome, sir. I would like to introduce you the EG team, Mr Ambassador. This is Secretary Calloway, head of planetary economics; General Batari, leader of our peace forces; and Dr Steiner head of Earth Guard research sciences. Omni is also with us until dismissed.” She indicated to each as they were introduced, with a vague wave towards the ceiling at the mention of Omni.

“Gentlemen, our pleasure.” Adam bowed to each swiveling smoothly at its center. “It has been 87 years since we have intertwined our races. We appreciate your support in assisting us with our social cause. In your honor, we bring a gift to the human race, a gift we that will bring our races closer together and provide you with added richness to your great and noble race.”

As the ambassador finished his words and small table bot rolled into the room and stopped between the Adam and Singh. On top of the table rested a clear sphere about the size of a human head. It made no noise and showed no reflection; it was nearly invisible to the human eye. “This is the Ark, our greatest scientific achievement. It will provide you with unlimited communication at any distance with no time lag. Through the Ark, we hope our races may always communicate clearly as if in the same room.”

Dr. Gary Steiner rose to his feet and approached the ambassador. “This is a most generous gift, Ambassador. I have many technical questions about it and I hope that we can discuss them soon. But I must ask, as you have entrusted some of your youth with us, do you no longer consider us of the same race?”

“Honorable Dr. Steiner, we look forward to these discussions with you. We have followed your research and see it as clear and compelling for humans. We are a single species, Dr Steiner, but our history together answers your query. Even now, your Omni intelligence seeks to breach our shields and firewalls, is this not proof of your continued intolerance of us to this day? And now, we are afraid we must retire from this event. Frequently, we will be in contact now. Good day.” With a low bow, the andy powered down and froze in the position of deference.

President Singh swung around to the cabinet members glaring “Omni, isolate the andy and sweep the room.” Commanded President Singh.

“Done” resonated a woman’s soft voice. “The Android is inert and isolated, the room is sealed except the Ark. It is emanating energies. It must be removed to complete the seal.”

“Do so” said Singh. The cart carrying the Ark rolled itself out the door. Turning to glare at the general, Singh queried dryly “General, why was Omni probing the Twomen?”

“Madame President, the Peace Forces did not instruct the Omni to do this. We are operating on friendly diplomatic protocols.” Replied Batari.

“If I may, Madame President, I may have the explanation,” injected Dr Steiner, “the Omni was just exercising curiosity about another information system. It’s part of its legacy behavior to interface and connect with other systems on its own.”

“Dammit, that went badly, we can’t afford these missteps. Think people!” President Singh rose stiffly and walked from the room.

The ending's a bit abrupt,

The ending's a bit abrupt, but this piece works fine as opening scene. Some interesting questions it raises (in a good way): what exactly is the Ark? What will the Twomen do now? How much are humans able to control the Omni, and will it complicate human-Twomen relations again?

I was unclear on one point, though: was the android sent by the Twomen or was it provided for the Ambassador, who either downloaded himself into it or is just using its display to project its image?

Thanks and some more info

This is the beginning of a longer piece. I have a much larger story in my head trying to come out. Collaborators and co-authors are welcome!

The Twomen live in a world of telepresence. They project themselves into machines from a remote location. Thus the andy was built to thier specs as a container for thier use. In the larger story they are able to do very interesting things - limited only by the machine they are controlling. Further, being disembodied, they are able to manipulate multiple machines simultaneously depending on the level of the machines 'intelligence'.

How the Twomen came to be this way and why they split from man is a very interesting story in itself.

Hope that helps.

And I'm looking forward to

And I'm looking forward to seeing that story. =)

Thanks, that does help a lot.