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Singular Musings

kelson.philo recently asked on his oort-cloud blog what we think of the singularity. Well, here's what I think of it.

Strings 1

The duck was not co-operating; she refused to wear her shoes.

The duck was the darling of the quantum engineering lab. Her name was Roslyn and she had come to acquire the acerbic, mercenary personality of the lab's professors and technicians. She was currently displaying this personality by biting, kicking and flapping her wings violently against Paul's attempts at fitting her with a pair of red web-shaped rubber shoes.

Discussion: Ethical Imperative of the Time Traveler

Do historically weighted tragedies such as The Holocaust, the Columbine shootings, or September 11th (just to name the ones on the top of my head) impose any kind of moral or ethical imperative upon time travelers?

As writers, how do we deal with such events in a responsible manner without sacrificing our plots?

Should we bother, and if so, why?

Mankind 2.0

The Official Guard announced his arrival and stood aside in attention. The room fell silent as the Ambassador Adam slid through the door into the President’s conference room.

“Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen” purred the tall, thin andy’s voice accompanied with a handsome smiling face in the head display. President Singh stepped forward and bowed to the android. “Welcome Ambassador Adam, we are pleased to have the Twomen among us once again. Does the andy satisfy your requirements?”

Machine of Death Entry, "Corporate Negligence" v. 0.3

v. 0.1 Initial draft release. A basic exposition of the core featureset of the story, released on Oort-Cloud only for early "alpha" phase feedback.

v. 0.2 Removed the "Syphilis" gag. Too slapstick and not dramatic enough. Replaced it with an allusion, relying on the reader's imagination to create the the most humiliating possible death.

v. 0.3 Expanded on the fiscal problems with the company. This will serve as foreshadowing for un-implemented plot points. Current word count ≈ 1,622.


Caveman Scifi

This story not happen yesterday. This story not happen today. Actually, this story not happen at all. Before our ancestor Grnuh make first wheel we have no wheel. But now we have wheel. Maybe tomorrow, or tomorrow tomorrow somebody like Grnuh (but not Grnuh) make something we not have now. This story not real but maybe one day real. This story about K'Kronk who is not real but like Grnuh and make many new things we not have now.

Review: John Scalzi's The Last Colony

The Last Colony
John Scalzi
320 pp pb 7.99 TOR
release May 2007

Reviewed by Paul Cole – Beam Me Up podcast / blog (

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Under Pressure

Alrighty, my first short story for the oort-cloud. Share and enjoy and let me know what it's missing, peas & queues.


The compressor growled louder and louder. Maximum pressure was at hand and soon the eardrum torture would finish. Life would resume normality. The process of filling the three go-tanks took only about two minutes, but the last thirty seconds was the longest as the turbo machinery struggled to pump more air at pressures just under liquefaction levels into the relatively small containers.

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Before and After the Singularity

So, what do folks think about the Vinge Singularity?


Does it really signify a stopping point for SF, or will we just have to get through it and see what happens?

Trojan Horse pt 3

The third part of Trojan Horse. I've got one more segment after this, after which it's time to finish the story I suppose. Hope you enjoy it :)

As always, criticism welcome, nay, encouraged.

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