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The Future of Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

"...authors create and distribute their work, and readers, individually and collectively, including fans as well as editors and peers, review, comment, rank, and tag, everything."
-- from Social Publishing

Cold Boot

Introducing Lance Steele! For reasons which shall become obvious, I'm thinking of donating him to this community. I bet people could have a HOOT playing around with him.

Cold Boot
Bill Rogers

Stiletto tumbled helplessly, dark and powerless, lost between the stars, so far from home.

On the courier ship’s cramped bridge the emergency lights flickered and came on. Lance Steele shook his head, groaning. He blinked and rubbed his eyes.

“Report,” he croaked.

The Book of Jim

The Book of Jim
Bill Rogers

After pondering for another twelve billion years, Jim thought He had this whole angels-on-a-pinhead thing pretty well figured out. So He paused and looked around Himself. And lo, there was Nothing, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

And Jim frowned, and said "Darkness sucks." And lo, there was light. And Jim looked upon the light and said "Cool! It's sort of a wave, sort of a particle, sort of a statistical function, and not really any of them at all. Even Einstein will never quite figure it out."

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da bawm, pt 1: SEED

Oh, this hallowed ground.
Be merciful and let us once again expand upon thee.
In Ludd's Name, amen.

Sometimes it's dangerous carrying analogies too far. Such was the case for the creators of the Hawking Bomb. Their screams still echo in the midnight halls of yesterday's dreams. Damn them to hell for unleashing such nightmares.



8000 words

Racism FTW

PROBABLY UNNECESSARY DISCLAIMER: This is satire. I am not a racist. But if you are easily offended by the use of ridiculous stereotypes regardless of context, you'd better not read any further.


The man, MR UNRACIST, is waiting for the man whose office this is.

Finally, a white business man wearing makeup to make him appear vaguely asian emerges from
the door and approaches him.


Dawning Obsolete?

*/Introduction: hi, this is a story I wrote today. I am new to writing, so I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. This short-short-story is a quick little dream I had about a million years hence. One possible future. I have done much reading about the singularity and other such stuff, which has some influence on this piece. Thanks! -R. B. Clements/*

Infinite Iteration
By R.B. Clements

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We installed an Advanced Poll Module, which enables us to do more sophisticated polls (in addition to the older simpler poll), so I have added a menu item called "Polls" which will show you all of the polls to date, regardless of type (if you are logged in).

mighty nice?

yes. mightynice.

3Science 2Punk 1Pop

Found and archived upon an expedition through old Silicon Valley.
103 years old.
Description: A scientist’s personal project: to archive the cyber perspectives of himself(64), son(21) and daughter(31).

Contents revealed:

The Cyber-Scientist Story
Rumbling from its roots, the tree accepted the new season. ‘Task’ delivered: its last few leaves fall into the precisely statistical wind. The dirt was too uniform for any other life form to take shape, except for this tree. This tree built for this dirt.

Not a bunch of softies, a rant about Hard SF

This is my contribution to the Singularity -vs- Science Fiction writing discussion here on Oort-Cloud.

This essay was originally published on my blog and later published on

. . .

I've always been a fan of Hard Science Fiction myself (the kind of thing sometimes described as 'Science Fiction with bolts'). So I was happy to find, a web portal that focuses squarely on that subgenre:

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