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Book reviews?

I am thinking of posting a couple book reviews of books which I have found immensely useful for writing here. Do you folks think it would be helpful at all?
Lemme know.

Machine of Death Entry, "Corporate Negligence" Release Candidate 1

This version is essentially the final draft/complete version. Everything's there, although I'm not 100% happy with the tacked on ending. I think it needs to be there, but it's not 100% where I want it to be. Something about implementing new plot-points at the last second. Figures, right? At any rate, I've certainly learned a great deal about writing seriously through this iterative process. I've got a few more MoD ideas that I'm going to be working on as time passes, and I'll hit them with this same process.

As always, feedback is appreciated.


Trying to be descriptive

An extract from my story about time travel and planet-wide destruction. - Am I getting any better at being descriptive?

We join our heroes as they are about to witness a planet's demise from a ship 'parked' safe distance away.

The Right to Life, Pt 2

(2nd of three parts)

On the morning of his audience with the Holy Father Christophe brought together the various pieces of his gun, each made out of hardened plastic and each made to look like an innocuous, every day item: a cigarette lighter, a pen, a ring and so on. Christophe scattered the pieces amongst his possessions and person and then prayed with an intensity that could have only emanated from the Holy Spirit.

The Thing

The Thing
By Tim Gulson

Two neighbours resolved one day to build a Thing. It wasn’t an easy decision to make – they were both well aware of how serious an undertaking it was – but in the end it seemed that it simply had to be done.

Fate, opined the first neighbour.

Destiny, agreed the second.

And so, one glorious Saturday morning at the height of summer, the two neighbours set off, armed with bin-liners, marigolds and scrubbing-brushes.

That odd old man and his ominous masterstroke fooled no one. (or "Real: a Red King Backwards")

That odd old man and his ominous masterstroke fooled no one.

In his last days when on his last legs he used to ask us (and tell us)
"why prepare for an eternity in my absence when there is yet no proof of malignancy to my abcess?
"Why, when I have laid no egg do you scheme as if Im a chicken, and dream of omnichromaticly opulent ommelettes?
"You'll never now be endowed with my inheritance unless you can present to me the manner in which you'd face your destiny if I was never born nor sired you
"Riddle me:

Dameon's picture

Machine of Death Entry: CAR ACCIDENT

Introduction: This is for the same anthology, surprisingly, somebody else on here posted a story for. The premise can be found here:

I still plan to flesh it out a bit more, but this is the basic story. I'm looking for any critique or comments that might help me with the story, especially on my characterization. I don't feel I'm giving my characters enough depth.


fate riddled damn things wriggle in the shadow

down beneath the ceremony oni melt their plans together
so we wait in holy doomed unison
using the only oil we blessed for now
and save (or) the soiled oil we blessed for the future pewters b/c we know that in the evening we still have them to anoint.

Anouncing now to the moon:
in the realm of real meal spiders the minor offer is held open to the termites of the contract. (who hunger in cloistered rye)
Actually its really a good deal.

doom for the motion, or corpus for the bottle.

the judge just beamed and held us in contempt.

The Right to Life, Pt 1

1st Part of three: Sci fi kicks in for the shock ending!

A member of Opus Dei, Christophe had never considered himself a fanatic. And even as the plan took shape in his head he recognized the externally fanatical aspects to it but believed also that there was really something that needed to be done. Christophe was not a loner: He had 2 daughters, a devoted wife, and lived in a decent-sized home in Los Gatos Hills in Silicon Valley. He had everything to live for, and he knew it.

Machine of Death Entry: Corporate Negligence, v.0.5, BETA RELEASE

UPDATE: This now has two versions- one with comments, and one without. To skip to the comments, click here.

This is the official "First Draft", complete with all of the major plot points that I want in the story. I'm looking for feedback on the general structure of the story as a whole, the specific characters that we've got, and the actual implementation of the core plot points.


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