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Purify - Chapter 15 Return to Earth

The next day Tony reported to captain Danno in his quarters. “We have had some amazing finds down in trench one. An almost complete set of Guger Royalty paraphernalia has been discovered and it is being put on display in the finds room.”

“You mean Lisa has ’fessed up and is, as we speak, putting the jewels out in the mess for us all to see?”

“Yes captain,” said Tony disappointedly.

Purify - Chapter 14 Saving Guger

The time keepers obeyed captain Danno’s request and, via some more purple gymnastics, returned the Tony Robinson to Guger.

“An immediate scan shows that we are still in time. Tony lock your attention on the continents and their missile silos,” commanded Danno.

All they could do now was wait. Waiting until a planet commits planecide when you are the only people there to stop it is a bit like playing the role of some cosmic super Samaritan. Only with more powers to intervene before the duffing-up.

Purify - Chapter 13 Time Information Officer Rio

Stakus and Uli didn’t have to wait long for TIO Rio to make his move. They were already watching him very closely since he tried so abysmally to put them off his scent regarding the possible explanations of the signal echoes and Captain Danno’s cryptic message.

Purify - Chapter13 Lyral Six

Lyral six was about to commit planecide for reasons that made perfect sense to its inhabitants. The reasons always made perfect sense except to an outsider. To an alien, observing their planet having just arrived in their star system, a planecide never ever made any sense at all.

Purify - Chapter 12 Why not?

The next morning, after getting very little sleep, the crew of the Tony Robinson had convened in the mess for breakfast. Lisa as the first to ask something that had been bothering both her and Carrie since shortly after they had jaunted back on board.

“Captain, why is the main viewer deactivated?”

“You mean why the blinds are down on the window? What is it with you people and all these Star Trek references?” Danno asked.

“The blinds are down because we didn’t want to worry you. You see, we’ve got company.”

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W00topia, Pt 2 - reincarnation

Travel is broadening if one is open and willing to accept the differences of other peoples and cultures. That’s why I prefer to travel alone because one can so easily focus on one’s companions, instead of paying attention to the strange people in strange lands. But then I discovered the W00topian’s practice of reincarnation and I don’t know if I understand it as well as I should. I wished I had a fellow traveller to discuss what I saw.

Purify - Chapter 11 Putting it all together

As is his wont, Commander Stakus stared out over New London trying to figure out why the time rebels would need a String Slider ship, why there were so many echoes of the Canus Seven planecide signal and why Captain Danno had sent the “We are Early” message. That last one was the most puzzling of all. It is impossible for Time Control to send a String Slider to a planet early. Either the String Slider malfunctioned or slipped through too far due to a rupture in the space time continuum or Earth got the signal sooner than it should have.

Purify - Chapter 10 Preventing Planecide

Lisa’s de-brief was short. Apart from a lengthy explanation of why she had acquired a pet she could only recite what she had learnt about the worsening political situation. She feigned ignorance about the details of the jewel theft that, it seems, had made an already bad situation, worse even though it had occurred near the neighbourhood that she had been staying in on Romford.

Last Flight of the Admiral Stalkforth 21

There was no morning on Namurai Sun Jewel I, but in the hours of waking, a mist passed over the trench and coated all in a glimmering sheen. The silver buildings gleamed and the black sky seemed to soften and relent its crushing presence. The Admiral woke in his quarters covered in moisture. It was not like the delicate and fragrant dew of Lumina, rather it clung like honey and disturbed his skin. He rolled out of bed and ran to the dry-shower, where he scrubbed furiously with noxious chemicals. As he stepped out, a hard knock came at the door. Opening it, he saw a familiar face.

Purify - Chapter 9 Stealing the Crown Jewels

Lisa filled the time leading up to the robbery by wandering the streets of Romford’s capital city hopping from one interesting location to another using their free train system.

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