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Secret Sun: Chapter One

Hey, Oort-Clouders!

I thought since you were all so supportive of my finishing my novel I thought I should maybe give something back. So here's the first chapter of the book! I hope you like it! As always, I do love me some honest and direct feedback! Helps the plants grow and keeps my teeth clean.


- Chang!


Secret Sun: Chapter 1


Hey, Oorties. Just thought I'd let you know I finished writing my novel: 351 pages, 98,000 words. It's been an amazing process. Crazy, in fact. There's more on my blog:

Gotta go and reviase now. Quite a bit of cleanup left to get done.

Peace out!

AYOW: Does writing make you insane?

My fellow Oorteroonies,

Yesterday was a tough writing day for me. I was dealing with some heavy scenes and it was the end of a bad week (if you live in the Northeast of the U.S., I know you feel me on this one). When I get into writing I get so far up into my skull it often takes some monumental efforts to get back down. Kind of like getting trapped in a very cluttered, warren-like attic. Or my basement. Writing is itself a solitary act. So much time spent alone can make someone a little tense.

Thus, my question: Does writing make one insane? Discuss, and provide examples.

AYOW: Music for Writing?

Hey, Oort-beasts!

Been a while I know. Got caught up in life and putting a few dozen pages in on my novel.

A Yogi on Writing (AYOW): What do you do to wind down?


In the discussion on my other post about the muse, we were talking about where inspiration hits us, in odd places at odd times (No, not in the gut during sex! More like in the pharmacy or during work). Sometimes, though, the muse ain't talking. So we need to do something to get out of the rut.

A Yogi on Writing (AYOW, the first in a series): The Muse, is she dead or alive?

Hey, Oortismos and Oortismas. Like any loser on a friday night, I'm turning to the web for solace.


I was talking to my wife at dinner tonight - salmon poached in a nice dill sauce, rice and string beans, steamed - and I was telling her about writing and the trials and tribulations of writing my novel and she suggested bringing my thoughts to someplace more receptive, like a group of writers. Thus, I come here.

The Wall - Chapter 1 of "WATER GOT NO ENEMY"

Hey, Oortistes! Here is the first chapter of the book that will eventually become "Water Got No Enemy." I actually got enough feedback on that story from here and others that told me I ought to expand it more. So here's chapter 1. Let me know your thoughts and of course detailed conscious critiques get the biggest cookie!

- Chang


Water Got No Enemy

Hey, all. This is a story I've actually got out there making the rounds at various mags. Hope you like it. I prefer unsweetened, clear and definitive feedback. Stuff like "s'okay" or "I didn't like it" without further explanation don't help me grow as a writer. Neither does negativity. I look forward to your input and contributions - Chang

Privacy Issues

Hey, all!

Firstly I am really psyched about the oort--cloud scene. I cannot wait to share my stories with you.


I am concerned about putting the story right up on a blog for all too
see and also on Google Docs, too. I know, I know, privacy concerns are
for luddites. It's just when I get concerned about privacy, my fingers
sweat and then the sweat puts out the pilot light on my kerosene
laptop. You understand, I'm sure.

Paul and Richard encouraged me to post about it, so here I am. What are everyone elses thoughts?

- Chang

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