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The Siege of Angliaterra, Pt 3 of 3

In a small, woodpaneled chamber talks between the outer city council and 3 representatives of the inner city occurred. The inner city angliaterrans were small and of unclear ethnic mix. All of them wore tunics of light green, sandals, and what appeared to be a small blue hexagonal crystal or possibly a lens, hanging from a sliver chain around each of their necks. They spoke infrequently, struggling with French, and never raised their voices nor addressed each other. When councilmembers spoke the inner city dwellers merely observed them with wide was unclear how much they understood.

The Siege of Angliaterra, Pt 2 of 3

As mentioned yesterday, due to the need for contact with the outside world, the inhabitants of inner-city Angliaterra began discussions with the council of the outer city about possible modifications of both inner as well as outer city walls. Readers familiar with the relationship between the inner and outer city dwellers might correctly guess that such discussions would easily get bogged down.

The Siege of Angliaterra, Pt 1 of 3

As reported previously, Angliaterra is a walled city dating from the medieval era, located on a broad plain at the base of the Pyrannees in Southern France. As also reported, the astonishing discovery was recently made that within Angliaterra is another city, the inhabitants of which have had practically no contact with the outer world for somewhere between 800 to 1000 years, relying upon a system of secret barter with the inhabitants of the outer city. These inner city inhabitants have their own culture, language and even genetic makeup.

Bathysphere HN::2268B, Pt 3 of 3

Despite the fact the view windows were actually monitors, their presentation was so realistic and clear, and panoramic as well, one couldn't help but feel terribly exposed sitting there. Even more so, now that the entire view was obscured by the numberless swarming flexalite pylons, moving so fast that they appeared as only a swirling blur.

Bathysphere HN::2268B, Pt 2 of 3

Panaoramic view-windows show a desolate landscape, looking rather moonlike but of course with a much more distant horizon. Lifeless. But, odd structures, groups of columns reminscent of giant coral reefs. Short shadows as the local sun was overhead, pitch black sky due to no atmosphere. Red Screen indicators pointed out high concentrations of flexalite on the horizon, so Alendra instructed our 'Sphere to go find it.

Bathysphere HN::2268B, Pt 1 of 3

A 'conventional' sci fi story.

The Incredible Story of Angliaterra, Pt 3 of 3

As has been discussed, Angliaterra was recently discovered to have hidden within it another city, the inhabitants of which have had little or no contact with the world (or even the outer city) for perhaps as long as 1000 years. As we've also discussed, keeping the secret of the hidden inner city has had psychological and other consequences on the inhabitants of the outer city of Angliaterra.

The Incredible Story of Angliaterra, Pt 2 of 3

(This is the second in a series of pieces about the City of Angliaterra, and it's recently discovered city-within-a-city.)

Examination of the inhabitants of the inner city of Angliaterra is most fascinating, but a clearer context is established by first taking a look at the inhabitants of the outer city.

The Incredible Story of Angliaterra, Pt 1 of 3

Like the discovery of Chin Shr Huang's tomb in China in the early 1970s, the discovery of a living city that has basically been hidden for a 1000 years comes as almost a shock. For those that have not yet heard, the City of Angliaterra in Southern France, just north of the Pyranees was recently discovered to have hidden within it another city, the inhabitants of which have had no contact with the outside world for at least 800 years. Perhaps even more fantastic than this fact is the notion of precisely how the inhabitants were able to keep themselves hidden for so long.

The Empty Voyage, Pt 2 of 2

When he first discovered that there had been no functioning cameras on board the ship, a strange feeling came over him. His mind was a jumble and continued to hammer away at thoughts that the whole trip had been a "waste", a "sham" and a "lie". But despite these thoughts he felt a sort of peace flow over him, warming him from the inside like the sunlight that relfected off the waves. That's when he realized that it didn't really matter, and that what had driven him on the voyages until now had little to do with being on television or having anyone else understand or validate what he did.

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