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Everman and Uriel: Segment III

Chapter 2

Caleb Everman crouched down behind the tall grasses, keeping a close eye on the enemy encampment just ahead. Around him were some of the bravest soldiers he knew.
To his left, Gabriel knelt behind a bush, an excited grin on his face and an easy confidence about him. His blade was drawn halfway out of its sheath as he waited, anxious to begin the attack. And he would take out many of their numbers, Everman knew. Gabriel was one of the best swordsmen fighting under the banner of the Unicorn.

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Savage Ep. 4

I've never grasped religion as an art quite as well as my station would have commanded. Take, for instance, those followers of Rygecroft, sentinels of the White Hand; self-proclaimed purists, ridding the known world of imperfection and deviance. Their goal is nothing less noble than preserving the world for the best and brightest, the strongest, the noblest, and the most righteous. Their humble intent was to do nothing more than encourage natural selection, weeding out the lesser so that the strong may thrive.

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Everman and Uriel: Segment II

Chapter 1

“Son of a bitch! It worked!”

“Did you expect it not to? You're the one that's been telling us that this damned thing would work from the beginning!”

“I did? I did! Well then, goddamn right it works! I told you this damned thing would work, didn't I?”

Thornton Vance, the imposing and eternally disgruntled Mr. Vance, leaned back in his over-sized office chair, causing it to groan loudly under his immense weight. He wove his fingers together and settled his wide chins on top of them whilst glaring daggers at Mr. Farr. Mr. Farr, in turn, furrowed his bushy gray eyebrows together and flipped his employer the bird.

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Savage Ep. 3

The walking tin cans escorting him created a cacophony of clanking metal with every footfall, but even over top of their merciless clatter, the enormous bullkin heard coming trouble. Everley swung his massive head from side to side, ears twitching busily, muzzle snorting, sampling the air. He stopped in his tracks, the heavy iron shackles tightening above his large paws and hooves. The thick collar constrained his neck, pulling fur and biting flesh.

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Everman and Uriel: Segment I

C Withey here. What you see here is the prologue to my novel entitled Everman and Uriel, the first and entirely finished novel of my creation. Compared to what I've done in the past, it's hefty, weighing in at 66 thousand words. Once I have the funding, I will seek appropriate representation for it and get it bound in paper and set in place along side the millions of other books 'like' it.

I post it here as a treat to the people of Oort-Cloud, for this is the one work I'm most fond of, the crown jewel of my meager collection.

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Savage Ep. 2

King Haefen of Stonetide kept with him a council of wise men, learned sages whom he could rely on for advice in critical manners. In exchange for their services in court and castle, the king gave them ample abodes ripe with rich foods, wines, and indentured servitude. Among them was Councilman Narghast, who had served the king well throughout the many years of his life. He had enjoyed the fine fruits of royalty, and had sampled fares and females from across the globe.

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I have heard some speak of retribution, of the gods and their fiery wrath cast down upon the fates of overbearing men. These lot are forsaken and spineless to be sure, hiding behind empty threats of their tiny imaginative deities and idols, casting down empty curses upon his brother for their sins. Their words are to be discarded like the cold iron shackles that once bound me to this land.

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