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Metropolis:Old scores left unsettled

Bane laid beneath the tree for a while longer as his profound angst passed and his mind tried to skip to how happy he was in his solitude, alone now, but away from all of his problems. He tapped ‘Bessie’ on the trunk and stood up, stretched and walked back towards the house, suddenly he had a mind for fishing. When he got back outside the sun had reached its zenith and was beaming down. But he didn’t mind, Bane hefted his fishing rod and headed towards the small lake. The walk was a short one, and he was glad for it, the heat had begun to get him.

Metropolis: An ominous meeting

Victor lounged across a sofa, his head resting on the arm rest, with his limbs stretched out, taking up all the available room. He was swathed in a plume of dark smoke, which issued from his cigar. A magnificent room stretched out before him. Lush carpets brought in from the south, an antique time scale hung from the wall, periodically calling dates and times before reverting to the appropriate one, charts of every reverence called the walls home. Thick furs of beast unknown to even Victor hugged the floors close.

Metropolis: the very beginning

Bane looked down at a tub full of blood. The dark liquid was still, giving it an ominous appeal. The room was shrouded in darkness except for a few candles that gave off scant light around the tub. Bane shivered almost imperceptibly, goose pimples running up his dark skin. Looking away from the tub he noticed a woman standing in the corner of the room. She was barely visible but he could hear her voice as it carried across the room. The woman was chanting her hands clasped together as if in prayer. Her mouth seemed to move far too fast, as if her words could not catch up.


Riel awoke abruptly, his heart hammering in his chest and his sheets clinging to his sweaty body. He looked over at his wife Nia who also lay awake. Neither of them needed to speak to the other to know that they shared an overpowering sense of horror. Both he and his wife stood from the bed at the same moment. The house was silent except for the drumming of Riel’s heart in his ears, but other than this he heard nothing, which was utterly impossible. In a city like the Metropolis night was merely a passing of time until day began again, the city never slept.

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