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Karnuvap's blog

Purify (intergalactic archeology)

Purify - a couple of chapters - can you relate to/get to like these people?

Chpt1 - Early

“We’re Early!”

“Impossible,” said Danno, the captain of the String Slider Tony Robinson. “We can not to travel to times in Earth’s past and this planet had only just shown up as having nuked itself into oblivion.”

“Sorry,” first officer and pilot, Lisa said, “but we’re still early.”

“I’ll put us behind the major moon and then I’ll work out just how early we are.”

Some of my science fiction

A chapter from my story about the end of the world (again).

Glimpses of Infinity

The destruction of the Earth was a high price to pay for proving Einstein Wrong. I know because I saw it happen. Two hours ago I witnessed the end of my world. How?

How could they destroy an entire planet just to prove a theory? And could I yet prevent it from happening? I will find out in the next two hours.

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