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Purify - Chapter 2 - String Theory

The next morning the crew that had managed to sleep woke up with more questions than ever. The captain was wondering if he could get some help from Earth base.

“Tony, tell me again why we cannot use Strings to communicate.”


If you are not from the UK you won't necessarily get the humour about the ship's A.I. voice. Here in the UK we have an archaeology program fronted by a chap called Tony Robinson in serious mode. You may be familiar with him as Baldrick in the Black Adder comedy series (playing against Rowan Atkinson as Black Adder). Suffice to say that he is over enthusiastic about archaeology and the 'trenches' that the experts dig to make their discoveries. Either way - I hope you enjoy my story - Purify...

Chapter 1 - Early.

“We’re Early!”

A night to remember

When does tomorrow begin?

Officially it is after midnight but we all know the day isn't over then. The way I figure it, the day isn't over until the sky begins to lighten. I'm not talking about dawn but, rather, the ever so faint lessening of the coal blackness turning into an inky-blueness that marks an unstoppable increase in brightness towards dawn. If you wait until the sun rises, it'll all be over.

They said I had until tomorrow.

Vox Silencio

This is Chapter One of my this year's entry for NanoWriMo.

As I write this update note, we are halfway through and the story is progressing incredibly well (well, the words are going down on the page and that is the point of Nano) My next entry will summarise the remainder of the story (once it is all writ).

The address was right but Louise couldn't see the company name against any of the buttons on the intercom.

The Light Frame

Kebab Music

Lettuce Prey

11:59 Incorporated

who said that?



“A ship! A ship!” cried Joseph. It was centuries ago since “Love Island” had been on TV but the news of a ship returning to the solar system always excited him.

“Do we know which one this is?” asked Saffron.

“Early signs are that it is the Fireheart. It left us in 2056 on a voyage to Canus 6. If they were successful they would have been exploring that system for a couple of years. Their crew would have aged 26 years over the total of their journey”

Greater than the sum - Chapter one of my NaNoWriMo entry this year

“Explain this agency, how may we help you?”
“It’s THE Explain this agency, Carla!” said Simon Banks, the agency’s owner but Carla wasn’t listening to him. Once again her eyes rolled upwards as she started to type furiously.
Simon sat down at his screen to see what was coming in. This time it was his turn to roll his eyes. Yet another member of the Great British Public had failed to ‘get’ the point of his investigation agency.

AYOW - What's your point of view?

Hope this is OK.

I got a question about Point of View (PoV) on one of my stories. I wanted to check my answer and ask how you handle this PoV thing?

Link to Question/ Answer

Here is what I said...

Hoppers Part two

Hoppers Part Two

It was easy to see what Arnold meant when he said that people didn’t like winners. The extent of their dislike was visible on his face but what was the reason for the sadness in Susanne’s eyes?

Hoppers Part One

Another beating. “When will I learn?” thought Arnold. He really believed that this time he had hidden it well but he guessed that, like all the other times, he had instead chosen a bet that was just a little too unlikely. Was it that last gamble on red again or had he been spotted earlier, perhaps at the Blackjack table? Either way, not only had it had hurt but he had had all his winnings taken as well. “There has to be an easier way to do this,” he muttered to himself.

Trying to be descriptive

An extract from my story about time travel and planet-wide destruction. - Am I getting any better at being descriptive?

We join our heroes as they are about to witness a planet's demise from a ship 'parked' safe distance away.

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