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Ask The Cloud: What is life like in a shrinking universe?

I'm contemplating some ideas for a story at the moment, one of the topics that comes up, is what life would be like in a shrinking (rather than expanding) universe.

Would entropy be always decreasing? What would that mean? What would it be like to live in such a universe? What sort of things would be different? Would life arise? Would it be more or less the same?

I'd love to hear your ideas

A New Kind Of Fiction

I don't play MMORGs. There are a lot of reasons why I don't, but there's one main one. Story. If I'm going to spend time in a persistent (game) world, for my time to be meaningful, my actions must have the potential of having long term (maybe years long), political ramifications.

A priori

The things that can be known a priori can be named, but they can not be reduced. They are atomic concepts and the naming and defining of them are the same thing.

The room had the darkening light of dusk and incandescance mixed. The remaining conversations were relaxed and slow. It was a time for putting on of coats, and for feet on desks. The conversers had all had conciousness dawn on them gradually, and expected it to leave them gradually.

"It's happening", was the sudden exclamation of one of them, as he began swiftly removing the jacket he'd just buttoned up.

Singular Musings

kelson.philo recently asked on his oort-cloud blog what we think of the singularity. Well, here's what I think of it.

Permanent Serendipity

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God
Romans 8:28

The Church of Logitech was an enormous building, built of huge stone blocks with buttresses plunging great depths into the water on all sides. Antony stood in his dirty suit at the end of the bridge, with his hand on the door. The huge dark oak doors were closed, but there was a smaller entrance cut out of the right hand door that was open. Even knowing that it'd been built with some of his money, it was hard not to be intimidated. He breathed deeply, summoned up his outrage, and pushed on the door.

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