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An Alternative Ending to Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell (Susanna Clark)

An Alternate Ending to Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell

Author’s note: In my opinion the book didn’t really need an alternative ending, so I only changed it a bit. The tone became a bit lighter and the ending more movie-like: wrapped up, tight. I don’t really prefer either ending, so others will have to make that judgment. By the way: if you haven’t read the book this ending will be incomprehensible.

Beginning of a cyberpunkish story. Comments?

A kind of strange story I was working on. Just pitting it out there.

A rippling nudibranch, veins sticking out from its fleshy body, tore through the streets of Manhattan, engulfing citizens as it went. The 10-foot beast left a trail of slime going all the way back to the Donald Iverson Center for Kineostatic Studies, or DICKS for short. Scientists from DICKS were running all over the streets, crying out that 'Frankie' had escaped.


Flight By Bsonk

“So, what did you call me over here for?”
“I’ve done it! Finally It’s finished!” He was a tall man, with childlike energy, who bounced all over the room with his exuberance. He wore threadbare clothes, with thick glasses and a white coat, and he had a cap over his disheveled hair. He was the picture of a garage mad scientist, and we were in his lair.


Final Draft Page 1

Judas Escariotte lay broken on the floor of the cell. A slender beam of light coming in through a tiny window illuminated his beaten body. His long, black wings were broken in twenty places, the nerve endings frayed, pain saturating his system. Judas breathed raggedly, slowly, painfully. He saw a familiar figure standing outside.
“Kaliel?... “ he breathed. “Why?...”
* * * * * * * * * * * *
“Judas, please tell me. Why did you make this deal?”

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