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Interesting Idea: Clockpunk

Since I don't see a post on this, I thought I'd share.

Clockpunk is similar to steampunk but without the steam. I think it's a faaaaascinating idea, though I've not written anything in the genre. See the clockpunk blog here:

Pills Aren't Food

This was written as a result of seeing the call for submissions put out by Subterranean Magazine. (In fact, Mr. John Scalzi was the editor of that particular issue.) The idea was to take a standard science-fiction cliche (or Popular Mechanics' 'In The Future, Man Will... [have flying cars, personal robot butlers, etc.] trope) and make it interesting.

This is what I came up with. I think it's interesting; it certainly was different from what I usually write. I was aiming for a kind of Heinlein's Heyday feel, though I'm not sure if I managed to get _that_ across.

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